Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Music Hack Day: Stockholm

This past weekend I participated in the Stockholm edition of Music Hack Day. The event was a grand success, organized with great precision and care by Mattias Arrelid, Henrik Berggren and Dave Haynes. Thanks guys! All of the action, including a live stream of the hack presentations, twitter feed (#musichackday), and flickr photos, is archived here: http://stockholm.musichackday.org/live/.

My weekend of hacking resulted in the "Mashboard", for which I was fortunate enough to win both EchoNest and TuneRights prizes!

Mashboard is a simple dashboard for your SoundCloud tracks. You can analyze the tracks using the EchoNest analysis API, returning Key/Mode, BPM, and song section information that is written to the appropriate metadata fields in the SoundCloud track. What's more, you can scrobble your tracks to your Last.fm profile while listening on your Mashboard profile page. Last, but certainly not least, you can trade your SoundCloud tracks on TuneRights by making and accepting offers from other users, managing the shareholders of your tracks, and bidding on other tracks in the TuneRights system. 

Music Hack Day on SVT:

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